Hadwen Arboretum – Jamie, Kirsta, and Lisa

We were running dreadfully short on time when we arrived at our last destination, the Hadwen Arboretum. I had staked out the location with my daughter the day before, and we found this beautiful patch of vibrant ground cover under a flowering tree, which reminded both of us of the scene in The Fellowship of the Ring right before Frodo meets Gandalf. This made me want to push these photos just a little bit to the edge of reality. Unfortunately, I arrived with the dancers about an hour later than the day before, and the sun was no longer in the best position to highlight the tree. I wanted each dancer to have some variation in the way the scene was lit, so I moved and adjusted the fill light between each dancer. Again, special thanks to Sarah-Katarina Jerome as guest choreographer and the dancers from the Boston Community Dance Project, Jamie Lovell (photos 3 and 4), Kirsta Paul (photos 5 and 6), and Lisa Charest (photos 1 and 2).

42°15’28.56″ N 71°49’51.79″ W